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  • Born in Braila;
  • Master of Arts, graduate of University "Al.I.Cuza" Iasi;
  • Graduate of Plastic Art's school, Iasi 1970;
  • Founder member from 1977 and, presently, vice-president of Artistic Cenacle "Stefan Luchian" of University "Al.I.Cuza" Iasi;
  • Participant in 85 picture-gallerys in Iasi, Bucuresti, Suceava, Bacau, Braila, Montreal (Canada), Kiev;
  • 17 private views;
  • Exhibit more of 750 art works, pastels, oil painting, graphics

    Artistic Creed
    The artist is, and considers herself to be, a drawer, her colours warming the precise touches of her drawings. In spite of all appearances, she is a nonconformist, because, in an epoch of abstract painting, she refuses the diffuse style, insisting on the drawing, respecting the classical lines of the portrait or of awork of art in which the mimic and the movement express certain feelings. Her nonconformism is subtly manifested in the numerous paintings representing horses – majestic animals – some mide and paceful, but most of them impetuous, depicted in real cavalcades. Fundamentally shy, the artist reveals – by means of this preferenca – her ardent, volcanic nature, her desire to escape from a word of rigours, the restlessness of her horses, their daring look “from the top of hill” embodying the artist’s indefinite thoughts and yet unfulfilled dreams.

    Cella Negoiescu

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