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The World, from the Horses…

Cella Negoiescu’s art is dominated by people an horses, a superb division in accordance with the eternal law of nature. The horses, drawn quite graphically, closer to temptation of fictional reality, embody the artist’s first myth: without coming from abysmal depth or from the depths of the sea, the horses in Cella Negoiescu’s paintings are impetuously plunging towards the seashore, mingling the clouds and the waves with their own colours: white, blue, brownish, violet, creating an inspired database for the other hypostases of the horses … … white horses at full gallop over the immensity of the depicted thought, horses dashing into the navy blue world of gondolas, horses in the peaceful native grass, pairs of horses resting quitely, sylvan horses, in a storm which scatters around colours and only partially uncovers their outline on the celestial canavas, as well as urban horses with aristocratic rugs, in a wealth of Dutch colours, drawing light carriages in which we could only imagine an invisible human presence. It is the myth, so wonderfully translated into colours by Cella Negoiescu, which associates, in a post Dionysac initiation, the man and the horse, in mysteries – which have never been contradicted after the age of the purely Dionysiac imagination, only completed and permanently redefined. It is in this skill that we find the real proof of the true artist’s victory.

Constantin Dram

2009-2013 cellanegoiescu. Designed by CIPDESIGN.